Symbol of a new elegance, the world of Baccarat barware is an invitation to celebrate, beckoning you to share a unique experience. Works of art with spellbinding radiance, the glasses, tumblers and flutes embody a different way of living, where beauty and harmony are present at any moment. Adorned with light, cocktails, champagne and liqueurs become elixirs of joy. The luminous reflections, the interplay of textures and the clinking of glasses become triggers for pleasure and emotion. A captivating universe for lovers of life in search of new sensations, mixology enthusiasts and those impassioned by rare spirits.

Enjoy the present moment with the classic that transcends eras. A celebration of elegance and style, the Dry Martini is a perfect match for the Passion Martini glass. Created by the English bartender Frank P. Newman in 1904, it gained popularity during Prohibition, before becoming the go-to cocktail of James Bond, as Sean Connery would famously request it “Shaken, not stirred”.

Imagine the sun setting from a chic terrace in Positano. Negroni sparkles, radiant in its Harmonie tumbler. The perfect companion for new taste adventurers, celebrating new combinations. Think of Count Negroni, the English-born Florentine who in 1919 fused the bold taste of the North with Mediterranean flavors, enriched by herbs and citrus fruits. A timeless combination revisited for contemporary palates.

Imagine the luxuriant atmosphere of a New York bar, jazzy ambience and lively conversations. With its pyramids and obelisk shapes, the Louxor tumbler celebrates the graphic splendor of Art Deco. A heritage that is very much alive in New York, birthplace of the eponymous cocktail. This elixir is an absolute must for bourbon lovers and mixology enthusiasts.

Escape to a world of exotic flavors! Here, Harcourt, icon of French joie de vivre welcomes the Daiquiri, a tropical nectar both sweet and sour. Its milky white color, topped with a lime wedge, recalls the sea foam and golden sand of the beaches in Cuba, but also the atmosphere of the Old Havana so dear to Ernest Hemingway. At the bar El Floridita, the writer is rumored to have requested a double dose of rum and less sugar: thus was born the Hemingway Daiquiri. Legendary.

Admire the sparkle in the Passion glass, the ballet of bubbles and joyful colors of the Spritz, ranging from orange to amber red. Today’s star of sunny days, this sparkling cocktail illuminates springtime terrasses and summer nights with the first rays of sun, from Venice to the world. Salute!

Dive into the festive ambience of the Roaring Twenties! The Baccarat Everyday Crysta tumbler is the ideal companion for this bitter, refreshing cocktail. An elegant creation in the image of the cocktail’s creator: a seductive and cheerful dandy, American writer Erskine Gwynne who exiled himself to Paris and started The Boulevardier, a magazine for expats for which Harry’s Bar, temple of cocktails, became the regular meeting place. Cheers!

Treat yourself to an enchanting interlude. Born in the gentle south of the United States, the Mint Julep is an ideal refreshment in the heat of summer. The iconic cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, it takes on flamboyant hues in the Harmonie Colors of Joy tumbler. Daisy Buchanan’s favorite cocktail in The Great Gatsby, the Mint Julep is here reimagined for modern palates and lovers of virgin cocktails in search of new flavors.