Being a cutter is a demanding job that requires having a real knack for it. In my spare time, I practice by drawing and painting in oil or acrylic. And I, who came here and joined the robotics core, would encourage anyone who wants to delve into cutting, to persevere. As for me, I have never given up on my convictions or my desires, and I simply cannot see myself working anywhere else but at Baccarat. Even before I was trained as a cutter, I loved reproducing works of art. I had already heard about Baccarat in high school, and it was my mother who guided me to pursue this trade! My craft is to embellish the pieces that pass through my hands with a variety of diamond tools. By following a plan down to the millimeter, I create geometric patterns on decanters, glasses, and all other Baccarat pieces: straight bevels, palmettes, decorations and different types of ornaments. It is exciting to work with crystal, because it is a fragile material, very soft, that requires a certain temperament. For my part, I start by manipulating the rough piece, and refine throughout the cut! It can take many hours to create a decor or a design; it requires calm, rigor and a lot of concentration. In addition to being a very rewarding job that obviously requires a great deal of dedication, I have always been able to count on the support and advice of my colleagues, especially the Best Craftsmen of France. They give me useful tips and enable me to discover and master new techniques every day. I have set myself the goal of joining them one day.

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