From the moment I arrived at Baccarat, I was astounded by the glassmakers blowing into their rods, I wondered how they could shape pieces with such regularity! I have always wanted to work in design and project management, so Baccarat gives me the chance to combine these two facets daily! Beyond understanding the needs of our customers and the marketing department, I pay attention to every detail throughout the development of a new product. Coordination, schedule and risk management: as I work with all the departments, I make sure that each step, each milestone reached, is part of the excellence of our company. This is a field job that requires me to be on the move all the time, to listen to the craftsmen, but also to make proposals. I take great pleasure in contributing a creative touch, submitting prototypes of a piece, refining requirements with my own sensitivity! Immediately, I was taken with the vibrancy, this life within the workshops, this atmosphere and the sense of shared commitment. As a team, we push the limits of feasibility to come up with a creation that seemed impossible: not only do we have the pleasure of satisfying all the stakeholders, from the designer to the final recipient, but we also contribute to the promotion of savoir-faire that deserves to be recognized. This culminates in the customer going through the same emotions as we do when they see the final piece.

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