The challenge of the glassmaker’s trade consists in keeping a close eye on the temperature of the material. Whether the crystal is picked with a ferret or a cane to collect the right amount of material, or to shape it, everything depends on a few degrees: if the crystal cools down too much, it breaks; if it is too hot, it cannot be worked with. You must forge your mind, because it’s a very demanding job! Crystal is a living thing, it changes its mood day after day: years of practice are necessary to get the hang of it, to harness the delicate and intuitive gestures. When I see molten crystal flowing like honey, and being transformed into vases, maneki-neko, chandelier branches, jewelry, and dart prisms, I realize how exceptional it is to work at Baccarat – the world’s leading crystal company, with an incredible number of Best Craftsmen of France. Thanks to them, with time, I was able to refine my technique, to gain in fluidity and harmony, until I created my own signature. Even though I have been living with crystal since I was seventeen, it is an understatement to say that handling it has taught me patience and consistency. At Baccarat, it is always the collective that excels: every day, with my fellow glassmakers, and without even saying a word, we perfectly coordinate our gestures to produce this choreography.

© Trafalgar Maison de Portraits & Romain Chambodut