In March 2023, LOUIS XIII had the honor of unveiling Rare Cask 42.1 – a true marvel of Time and Nature, offering the ultimate expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac. The unique tierçon has made it possible to fill a limited number of 775 black crystal decanters crafted by the talented hands of Baccarat's artisans. 

The forming of each decanter is a spectacular demonstration of the juxtaposition of art and savoir-faire: to achieve a perfect, jewel-like black finish requires incredible talent and utmost care. For a brief instant, 20 master craftsmen must work in unison in a race against time to complete more than 50 precise steps before the molten material solidifies into a radiant work of art. Ultimately, the decanter is dressed in a gold and rhodium finished neck, while the ring is finely engraved with quadrilobe patterns in reference to France’s fleur de lys.  

Rare Cask 42.1 is a gateway into the wonders of the world, embracing the realms of the unknown in a quest for the extraordinary, transforming the tasting experience into a source of unforgettable sensations.