Baccarat has never ceased to amaze the world by crafting true masterpieces. From an eight-meter-high chandelier to a monumental vase crafted from 13,000 pendants, Baccarat fulfils the boldest requests with extraordinary pieces. 

  • On the occasion of its 250th anniversary, Baccarat took on a new challenge by creating the largest chandelier in its history: 8.40 meters high, 4.60 meters in diameter, 410 lights, 176 branches, 26500 pieces of crystal.

  • Drawing inspiration from the masterpieces presented by the Manufacture at the World Fairs, Hans van Bentem offers an impressive reinterpretation of the Medici vase created by Baccarat in 1909. A veritable sculpture of light, 2.5 meters high and decorated with 13,000 pendants.

The wonder of its monumental pieces has always guided Baccarat to new heights. The most audacious projects embody the passion of the House’s collective of artisans.