The quintessence of artistic craftsmanship, the Black Bee Prestige Edition brings together Guerlain, Baccarat and Lorenz Baumer once again, three great French Maisons all driven by a passion for excellence and exceptional savoir-faire. 

Over 150 years of prestige partnership have bonded Guerlain and Baccarat, one of the first crystal makers to create perfume bottles during the Belle Époque. The longstanding friendship between the two Maisons has produced some truly legendary creations, the silhouettes of which still amaze us today. A veritable masterpiece, the Black Bee Prestige Edition is the culmination of this storied collaboration. A bottle-jewel designed by Lorenz Baümer, with a deep-black crystal body and clear wings faceted like diamonds. 

L'abeille Noire, Guerlain limited edition

No fewer than 39 artisans at the height of their art, collaborate in succession with one another in creating this piece. A choreography in which each movement is performed with an absolute precision and utter mastery that only comes after years of practice and rigor. “What’s really interesting when you’re working with crystal is to anticipate the way light will play through it” explains Lorenz Baümer, discussing his close collaboration with the Baccarat master glassmakers. For this crystal masterpiece, Guerlain had to create a truly exclusive fragrance. An Extrait de parfum as radiant and faceted as crystal: Imagine Guerlain, the precious fragrance conceived for The Black Bee Prestige Edition by Guerlain Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser.