Harcourt Tulipe Plate


HK$ 7,080
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"Harcourt is to me one of the most beautiful symbols of French elegance, a timeless icon that transcends the ages." Marcel Wanders. "The Harcourt Tulipe collection celebrates the joy of sharing." Marcel Wanders. Harcourt and the fantasy of Marcel Wanders come together once again. The Dutch designer reinvents the Baccarat icon with the "Harcourt Tulipe" collection, bearing his signature touch of poetry and elegance. A bold reinterpretation that marks 15 years of collaboration. The Harcourt glass was born in 1841. The glass of kings and world leaders, it has never ceased to reign over the world's most prestigious tables and remains a source of inspiration for the greatest designers. With "Harcourt Tulipe", Marcel Wanders gives it renewed modernity, while preserving the distinctive features that have contributed to its success. He maintains the glass's original hexagonal base and transforms its six facets into petals, evoking the grace of a blossoming flower. This contrast between the power of the base and the elegance of the curves is reflected in three exclusive creations crafted by Baccarat's artisans: a coupe, a bowl and a plate. Designed to suit all contemporary uses, this collection gives free rein to the imagination and brings a touch of organic fantasy to a table or console.The tulip is the flower of declarations of love, often associated with positive sentiments and affection. Proving once again that design is above all emotional, with Harcourt Tulipe Marcel Wanders exalts the joy of sharing precious moments, illuminated by the singular brilliance of Baccarat crystal