Give in to the wonderment of Baccarat - history, craftsmanship, magical places - and follow news from the House.

  • News & Events
  • News & Events

    Enter the captivating world of Baccarat and follow all the news from the House, collaborations, encounters and events.

  • Know How

    Since 1764, a passion for excellence within the Baccarat Manufacture has united generations of daring artisans, shaping crystal with their breath, hands and eyes.

  • The Fire of Passion
  • Heritage - The Alchimy of Joy
  • History, The Alchemy of Joy

    Travel through the history of Baccarat, creator of enchanting universes since 1764, and discover how the name of a small town in eastern France became a symbol of the art of celebration and French joie de vivre.

  • Enchanting Places

    From Paris to Moscow, New York to Tokyo, or Miami to Hong Kong, Baccarat celebrates life around the world and offers a unique experience in the heart of its Houses, exhibition locations, restaurants, hotels and bars.

  • Enchanting Places
  • Professional

    Excellence, creativity and audacity come together to make each crystal dream come true. Baccarat offers an exclusive customization service to bring all projects to life and make every space unique.