"Baccarat meets IMAEMON" is a collection created through an encounter with Imaemon, which is a famous Arita kiln that has had a great influence on Europe as the best Japanese arts and crafts. This new collection was created with the design supervision and co-production of the 14th Imaemon , following on from the 2017 collection.

Baccarat has adopted a variety of aesthetics, not only from France but also from other countries, but Baccarat has had a special relationship especially with Japan. Inspired by Japonism, which was a major movement in Europe after the 1867 Universal Exposition in Paris, Baccarat created many pieces that adopted Japanese styles such as ukiyo-e prints and ceramics.

Baccarat and Imaemon have many similarities that transcend both the West and the East: the use of fire, advanced techniques and diverse expressions, the inheritance of tradition and innovation, providing joy and pleasure to people, and the symbolic color of red. Although crystal and porcelain are two different materials, they have collaborated to create a collection that enhance each other's beauty.

【The 14th Imaizumi Imaemon】

Born in Arita in 1962, and he graduated from Musashino Art University's Department of Crafts and Industrial Design in 1985, and after training in Fukuoka and Kyoto, he began working in the family business in 1990 under the 13th generation, striving to improve the Iro-Nabeshima technique. He has been exhibiting his works at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition since 1996. In 2002, he succeeded to the name of Imaemon 14th, and became the chairman of the Society for the Preservation of Iro-Nabeshima Imaemon Techniques. In 2009, he was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon from the ministry of Japan, and in 2014, he was certified as the Important Intangible Cultural Property ""Iroe Porcelain"" (Living National Treasure). While continuing the tradition of Iro-Nabeshima and Imaemon, he is pursuing new expressions in the modern age.