Since 1764, Baccarat has been recognized for the talent of its artisans who, generation after generation, have transformed the elements of nature into crystal of unparalleled purity. Shaped by breath, hand and eye, each Baccarat creation is a testament to the excellence perpetuated at the Manufacture in Lorraine.

Today, Baccarat is proud to announce the nomination of three glassblowers as Meilleurs Apprentis de France (MAF): Jason Toussaint, Evan Hensch and Marty Charpentier. These young artisans, who joined the ateliers as apprentices between 2021 and 2022, embody the beating heart and future of Baccarat. Their distinction brings the total number of distinguished MAFs within the Manufacture to 16, and reflects Baccarat's unwavering commitment to transmission.

Trained by two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, these recent graduates symbolize the strength of the Baccarat collective. Thanks to its in-house school, the Maison continues to instill a passion for its exceptional skills in the new generations, ensuring the continuity of its living heritage and identity.