The contemporary Harmonie for the new taste adventurers.

Four shades, vibrant, intense and festive, are joining the Harmonie line of tumblers.

Refined, vertical infinite lines of a whole and balanced shape. The Harmonie glass simply fits delicately in the hand. Its cut crystal works magic with reflections in the colors of precious drinks or your favorite whiskey.

The Harmonie collection is the contemporary icon for new taste adventurers, mixology enthusiasts, creative cocktail explorers and lovers of rare liquors.

Harmonie allows intimacy, the complicity of connoisseurs, and the delights of insiders. Sharing the time of a passing moment, the pleasure of tasting the purest sophistication. It is the luxurious Art of living. This is Baccarat’s at it’s finest.

It is the luxurious Art of living

This is Baccarat’s at it’s finest