Philippe Starck pays tribute to Talleyrand, an emblematic Baccarat collection. In the image of the famous diplomat whose genius fascinated so many, the Talleyrand service symbolizes a form of modern intelligence.

On the rim of a glass with powerful lines, a hem delicately sculpted in the crystal hugs the contour of the lips and gives a lightness to each sip. Philippe Starck was inspired by this essential detail to imagine a collection reconciling the strength of mass and the lightness of intelligence, the power of the Middle Ages and the refinement of the Enlightenment.

Sculptural lines, sometimes disproportionate. Paradoxes and contrasts between the purity of clear crystal and the mysterious brilliance of black, between refinement and ergonomics. Each piece is a tribute to Philippe Starck's creativity and the unique craftsmanship of Baccarat's magicians. The designer creates a new inspiration to highlight the very essence of Baccarat: to amaze and procure at each moment a unique emotion.